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(GI - Faculty of Science – Radboud University)

First time registration

  1. Type in your favorite browser or mobile and click on the button Equipment and booking page
  2. In the PORTAL page, click on Login (upper right corner). A new window opens. Under LOGIN, fill in your Radboud University user number (u number for employees of the science faculty, z for employees of the medical faculty, s for students and e for external guests) with the corresponding password, and click on the login button.
    Temporary external users, like users of spinoff companies, should first contact the appropriate assistant for a login.Students should work under supervision
  3. A form appears. Fill in your First name, Last name, Department, Room number and if known Charge account (= kostenplaats; default charge account of the own department or special projects).
  4. Logout
  5. Send a short message to the GI assistant and ask him/her to complete the registration

How to request access to booking of devices?

  1. Once you have enough expertise to work independently on a certain device, you can ask the responsible assistant to provide you access for that device/technique.
    Email address assistants   Responsible for   Element and amino acid analysis   Element and amino acid analysis   Electron microscopy   Light microscopy, ultracentrifugation

How can users with access to certain devices book time to work?

  1. Go to
  2. Login (with your u, z, s or e number or personal temporary login)
  3. Choose a Domain (General Instrumentation GI, Microscopic Imaging Centre MIC, Organic Chemistry IMM) from the upper horizontal tab menu.
    Manual 1.jpg
  4. Choose a category (e.g. GI electron microscopy) in the left column.
  5. Choose the device of interest (e.g. JEOL 1010 electron microscope)
    Manual 2.jpg
    The green dot indicates that the device functions normally. A yellow color tells that there is a problem, and red means not open for booking (for example because “out of order”).
    Note: Clicking on [details] opens additional information on the device (description, location, contact/assistance, webpage, additional documents like manuals/procedures in pdf, and message about problems)
  6. Click on Bookings for making a reservation. A new window opens with the week planning for that particular device: green bars mean free for booking, red bars indicate already booked time, blue your own bookings.
  7. Click on the desired date and enter the beginning and end of the reservation. Note that some devices have a limited time slot (only one morning or one afternoon), while other can accept multiple bookings. Your own bookings in the planning appear in blue.
    Manual 3.jpg
  8. Overview of the bookings for a particular day are listed below the planning (tip: it may be useful to mail next user if you are ready earlier than planned). Some devices accept deletion of a booking, other not, but cancellation of bookings planned in less than 24 hrs can only be done by an assistant.
  9. The tab (sub-top tab menu) My info shows the list of devices which you are allowed to book
  10. My bookings (sub top tab menu) allows one to get an overview of the own booking for a time lapse (enter beginning date on the left calendar and end date on the right calendar end press “Generate Report”)